Dogman Encounters / Remote View Ranch

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Dogman Encounters / Remote View Ranch

About the show

In the first half, author Arla Cailleach Collett joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss her interactions with various cryptids, aliens, and other otherworldly creatures. Fairies, Bigfoot, extraterrestrials (whom she calls Star Nation People), and dogmen are all among the beings she's met and communicated with, Collett claimed.

Although dogmen are often reported to be particularly dangerous and vicious, Collett said she's been able to maintain a safe relationship with them, including one particular dogman and his children. While dogmen may cause fear in humans, she went on, this feeling is most likely a prejudice we bring to the interaction. "The simplest way [to avoid fear] with any being is to be respectful," Collett noted. This, in turn, is accomplished through communication, which sometimes involves telepathy.

Collett credited her family for her enlightening interactions with these various creatures. She was raised not to fear the unknown, she explained, but to indulge in her curiosities. In addition, her grandmother validated young Arla's reports of Bigfoot encounters, relating that she herself had had similar experiences.


Founding member of the International Remote Viewing Association, and a former remote viewer for the US military, Lyn Buchanan was the guest in the second half. Buchanan's current efforts are focused on the Remote View Ranch he's developing in New Mexico. His goal is to create a haven for remote viewers to train and do research in peace and quiet, sufficiently isolated from traffic and pollution.

One of Buchanan's most ambitious goals for the Ranch is to eventually put the abilities of a team of remote viewers to work in preparation for the coming visitation and inhabitation of Earth by extraterrestrials, he stated. Alien visitors will need to acclimate to our society's structure and customs, he argued— not to mention their need to survive physically. The demographic research done ahead of their arrival by way of remote viewing, Buchanan continued, will be useful to law enforcement and governments, as well as to professions like real estate who will be involved in serving this new population. View additional material here.

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