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Financial Astrology / Energy Healing & Color

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Mitchell Scott Lewis has been a professional astrologer in New York City for more than two decades, specializing in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation. In the first half, he shared a financial forecast and what he envisions in the year ahead. Saturn rules such things as housing and banking, he noted, and shortly after the ringed planet went into Pisces, three banks collapsed, and the housing market took a downturn. We'll see more weakness in housing (depending on the city), and a few more banks may fail, Lewis continued, though he believes that, in general, the US banking system is very solid.

Lewis was rather bullish on the stock market and pointed out that NASDAQ has recently regained much of its losses. AI is a burgeoning new sector in the tech field, and we are seeing the beginning of a bubble effect around it, he commented, noting that the chipmaker Nvidia jumped 30% in just one day, as demand for chips has risen to meet the needs of AI tools like ChatGPT. Jupiter has just entered Taurus, which is one reason he is optimistic about the markets, and additionally, love and relationships may be favored as Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Jupiter has an expansive quality. Lewis also announced that he is teaching the webinar "Financial Outlook Q2" through Astrology Hub. During the second hour, he gave astrological readings for callers.


Energy healer and facilitator Patti Conklin is the creator of ColorWorks and ToneWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions, or physical challenges. In the latter half, she talked about her healing process and techniques. In her work with clients, she looks at their cellular level and manipulates frequencies within the cells to remove blocked energies (emotions or trauma) stored in specific body parts. She helps people to "get out of judgment" without having to die to do it, and this usually creates a healthier body, she stated.

Conklin has determined there are two active frequencies in the universe-- tone and color. When a person deeply visualizes a specific color moving through their body (up the spine, for instance), this can shake up the cells and remove unwanted emotions. Certain intense or thicker colors like black, oranges, and reds may be more effective for sicker patients, she explained. Lighter frequency colors, such as greens, whites, and purples, move more quickly through the body and aren't able to get into the cells as much, she added. In determining the most therapeutic color for a person to work with, they should ask their body what the best frequency for their situation is, she advised-- it may take around 30 days of the practice to begin noticing changes. Conklin offered readings to callers in the last hour.

At the show's close, George continued his Memorial Day tradition by reading the poem "A Soldier Died Today," credited to A. Lawrence Vaincourt.

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