Bio-electromagnetic Healing / The Afterlife & Reincarnation

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Bio-electromagnetic Healing / The Afterlife & Reincarnation

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In the first half, Doctor of Engineering in Physics, Tom Valone updated his work in such fields as zero point energy (ZPE), Tesla technology, and bio-electromagnetic healing. He reported that his Bio-EMF device, the EM Pulser 78, has anti-inflammatory properties and can be helpful in a variety of illnesses and injuries, including cardio protection. There has been a resurgence of interest in the media about ZPE, which is infinite and has the potential to be converted into usable energy, he said. We could think of ZPE as the sea of energy that pervades all of space and every atom, and the beauty of these quantum oscillations is that they're always "producing fluctuations as virtual particles come out of the vacuum," he further explained.

Valone mentioned his research into memory restoration and nutrients/supplements that sharpen the mind, including vinpocetine, choline, DMAE, ginkgo, Rhodiola, and the peptide Dihexa, found to help Alzheimer's patients. He also touched on his interest in breatharianism, the claimed ability to exist and even thrive without consuming food. There are different levels of the practice as taught by teachers like Ray Maor, he noted, with individuals going from liquids to water to complete 'dry fasting.' For more on Valone's interests, sign up for his monthly "Future Energy eNews" newsletter.


Hypnotherapist, author, and Reiki master Jacob Cooper lectures on wisdom and consciousness and offers meditation and mindfulness seminars. In the latter half, he spoke about his near-death experience (NDE), past life regressions, the afterlife, and how to handle grief. He had a first-hand experience of past lives during his NDE, which occurred when he was a young boy, and also, at that time became aware of his life purpose. "I look at reincarnation as almost like the prior chapters of your book," and where we are now is at the current page of the book, he remarked. When you're able to comprehend who came before you, you can have a deeper understanding of your life "and how some of those other lifetimes have parallels to this lifetime," he added.

The afterlife could be thought of as a higher vibrating field or frequency, Cooper detailed, but it's not something that is far away, as it overlays our own reality. It's a place of incredible love, guidance, and resourcefulness, and in a way, we can connect to it now through our own inner being or cosmic consciousness, he suggested. Loved ones on the Other Side want us to maximize our life, as in a sense, we are the undeniable proof of their existence, he shared. The grieving process is normal and instinctual, Cooper continued, and if we don't suppress it, we can transform the agony and despair into beneficial contemplations, like of the immortal nature of the soul.

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