Human & AI Intelligence / Alien Abduction & Hybrids

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Human & AI Intelligence / Alien Abduction & Hybrids

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In the first half, author of "A Brief History of Intelligence," Max Bennett, discussed the five "breakthroughs" in the evolution of human intelligence and what brains of the past can tell us about the AI of tomorrow. The first brains started appearing over 600 million years ago, with the early ones small and simple, and later evolving with more complexity. He listed the five breakthroughs in the brain as steering, reinforcing, simulating, mentalizing, and speaking, with each modification enabling new faculties and building on the last. Steering is an ability developed in ancient creatures to move toward something they wanted, like food, and away from things like danger. The principle of reinforcing has to do with adapting behaviors that anticipate future rewards, while simulating is being able to imagine future possibilities.

Some of these brain breakthroughs have been implemented into AI programs, while others, like mentalizing (the capability to think about thinking), have yet to be fully realized, he pointed out. "I think the existential fears around a Skynet scenario where an AI takes over the world is largely a distraction from the more practical challenges that we need to think about," said Bennett. For instance, the more decisions we give to an AI system, the more we have to be confident in how they make choices. These might include such areas as employee hiring, medical diagnoses, and driverless cars, where we need to be very cautious if we're using AI, he noted.


Author and experiencer Karin Wilkinson has lifelong memories of being abducted by non-human alien entities. In the latter half, she described her involvement in what she believes was a sinister alien breeding program where human fetuses were harvested, and grown into hybrids. She detailed how, years ago, she was pregnant, which had been verified by a doctor, and they'd heard a heartbeat. But toward the end of the first trimester, she wasn't feeling well, and at the hospital, they did a DNC but found no fetal tissue. Later, she was taken to what seemed like an underground facility and was asked to hold a small baby that she recognized as hers, even though it had a larger-than-normal head and was reddish-purple in coloration. The infant seemed to have no reaction to her, she said.

At the facility, she witnessed dark hallways with aquarium-like tanks lining the walls containing dozens of fetuses in artificial wombs. Wilkinson, who appears in LA Marzulli's documentary, The Coming UFO Invasion, believes the hybrids are being used for the aliens' dark agenda, which she associates with the fallen angels. She thinks she was harvested at least three times because years later she encountered three grown hybrid entities in her bedroom one night, who did not look human, though she instinctually knew they were her offspring. They telepathically communicated with her, radiating an evil presence, as they began to pull her toward them through levitation, but she was able to break away from them by calling out the name of Jesus.

During the last half-hour, George played an excerpt from the 2/22/19 show with spiritual warrior Bill Bean.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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