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Search for ET Life / Weird Alien Tales

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In the first half, astrophysicist and NPR commentator Adam Frank shared his latest research on the existence and trajectories of alien civilizations and what they may teach us about our own. He marveled at how close science is to finding meaningful data on alien worlds, and life elsewhere in the universe. Frank does not consider the evidence of UFO visitations and sightings on our planet to be the kind of hard, verifiable, and reproducible data that scientists are looking for to make conclusions about extraterrestrial life. Going beyond the SETI program, which scans for radio signals of intelligent life, Frank was given a NASA grant to conduct a search for life on alien planets by looking for technosignatures-- detectable signs of past or present technology.

He finds it more likely that we'll get definitive evidence of ET life from biosignatures of microbes or forest life on other worlds or signs of their intelligent technology before anything is proven about the UAP/UFO mystery. Post Roswell, the "giggle factor" around UFOs and UFO culture hurt funding for pure science projects like SETI and astrobiology research, he commented, but now the subject is being taken more seriously, especially with the discovery of so many exoplanets. In fact, NASA's next big telescope is called the Habitable Exoplanet Observatory. Additionally, he reported that the James Webb space telescope has looked at an entirely new class of habitable planets called "hycean" worlds that have enormous oceans.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with author Marc Hartzman, the "Weird Historian." He shared strange stories from the historical twilight zone of ufology, aliens, and hybrids, and how such accounts invade our hopes, fears, and fantasies. Recalling the airship sightings of 1896-97, which were documented in various newspaper archives, he noted they took place before the Wright brothers flew their first plane. One of the ships was said to crash in Aurora, Texas, and a 'Martian' body was alleged to be buried in a local cemetery. Hartzman mentioned visiting David Marler, who has an amazing archive of UFO-related material, now housed at the National UFO Historical Records Center.

He spoke about the 1960 write-in presidential campaign of contactee Gabriel Green, who ran for the office because "the spaceman told him to." His campaign slogan was "America Needs a Space Age President." Hartzman interviewed alien experiencer Kim Carlsberg, who claimed to have hybrid children (she was a camerawoman on the original "Baywatch" TV series, and all the stars knew of her alien encounters). He also recounted a case from 1645 of a Cornwall woman named Anne Jefferies who said she was abducted in her garden by fairies (six small people in green clothes) and was swirled through space.

In the last half-hour, George featured an excerpt from the 9-1-16 show with hermetic magician Marcus Katz on using Tarot cards.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Kevin Randle

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