Antarctica & Climate Change

Antarctica & Climate Change


HostArt Bell

Art described a vast expanse of ice that had recently calved off an Antarctic ice shelf, and welcomed Dr. Christina Hulbe, a geophysicist who studies how and why polar ice sheets change over time. She spoke about changes in the global climate indicated by ice core samples, satellite images, and other evidence from glaciers.

She said that all indicators were that temperatures were getting warmer in the last few decades, but that she was not sure what the exact cause might be. Hulbe reported that aquifers in the U.S. desert Southwest were filled from glacial melting 20,000 years ago and that once they are gone, they will require another ice age to replace.

During news and Open lines in the first hour, Art spoke about weather changes and the Quickening. The last hour featured Open Lines. Topics included epilepsy, volcanoes, and the Phoenix Lights. Also, there was discussion about a scientific article showing that human psychic ability exists and evolved as a survival mechanism.

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