Pam Reynolds' Near-Death-Experience

Pam Reynolds' Near-Death-Experience


HostArt Bell

Clinically dead for over an hour during an operation, Pam Reynolds shared the fascinating story of her out-of-body experience. She described the life-threatening health issues leading up to a last-ditch operation to save her life, and what she experienced when her body and brain died during the surgery. Her body temperature was lowered to 58 degrees and all of the blood drained from her in order to make her clinically dead so the surgeons could remove a dangerous brain aneurysm.

She was able to not only give a detailed description of the procedure but also tell of her experiences on "the other side". She remembered leaving her body and seeing the surgeons working over her, and experienced a feeling of "total peace" and "complete serenity." She saw the 'white light,' met deceased relatives and learned of difficult times ahead for planet Earth.

Reynolds described a "very heightened consciousness" and feeling that she was "absolutely me without the body" during her NDE. The first hour consisted of news and Open Lines.

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