Atlantis, Black Projects, & Crop Circles

Hosted byArt Bell

Atlantis, Black Projects, & Crop Circles

About the show

Although not scheduled as a guest, Stan Deyo called in from Australia in the second half of the first hour. He first discussed Atlantis and the possibility of diving at a site in the ocean off of Saudi Arabia to find it. He also talked about his involvement in US Air Force black projects. Art and Stan also conversed about new crop circles, such as one that featured a double helix symbol. 

Deyo brought up the so-called “Art's Parts” (possible pieces of a crashed UFO), and Art mentioned Linda Moulton Howe's new report on them. Deyo talked about his life in Perth, and then answered questions from callers, and was kept on until the fourth hour. Open Lines occupied the last hour.

During news and Open Lines, Art reported that recovery flight data and voice recorders from Flight 800 were found, plus five more bodies. He read a fax from a listener asking the audience this: If you could ask God one question, what is it? Art brings on a woman from Tahiti to discuss huge waves that came ashore. He opened the first-time caller line for listeners in the Caribbean.