Rick Wagner

Rick Wagner


Rick Wagner has been encountering spirits since he was 6 years old, growing up in Buffalo, New York. It wasn't until his near death experience on a motorcycle that he learned how these spirits can affect our lives on a daily basis. He began to study why they are here and what they are trying to tell us. After studying engineering in college, he attempted to justify all that he was seeing and feeling. Knowing that everything around us is a form of energy and that these energies do attract, he understands better the impact spirit energies have on us.



Past Shows:

  • Feng Shui / Overcoming Energetic Attachments

    Marie Diamond talked about Feng Shui, how it influences people subconsciously, and practical tips for specific rooms. Followed by Richard Wagner on negative energy and entities, and how its related to procrastination, depressive thoughts, and self-destructive behavior.More »
  • Spirits & the Afterlife

    Rick Wagner described the world of ghosts and spirits and how they affect the living, and may haunt us.More »
  • Chronic Pain Treatment/ Paranormal Encounters

    Dr. Norman Shealy discussed his pain relief program and other holistic treatments. Rick Wagner talked about his experiences and encounters with spirits.More »

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