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Catastrophic Tsunamis

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Date Host Art Bell

Professor Ted Bryant is Art’s guest in hours 2-4. A physical geographer with broad interests in geomorphology and climatology, he is a member of the Quaternary Environments Research Centre. Bryant has an international reputation with his research on catastrophic tsunami, being one of the first researchers to identify a wide spectrum of signatures of such events in the coastal landscape. The discussion begins with the landscape of Australia where he is located, his professional life studying tsunamis, and how he got into the field.

Tsunamis can be created by something from space like a meteor, and Bryant details how NASA searches for these types of objects. He says that if something like this hit the oceans "all hell would break loose." It would literally vaporize billions and billions of tons of water, with temperatures rising to 5000 degrees. Then, it would start generating a tsunami from the source point. They ponder if there could be a warning ahead of time and if so, how much time would people be given? Art opens the phone lines for Ted in hour 4. Caller topics include the volcano correlation with tsunamis, and what a tsunami would do to a fresh water aquifer.

During the first hour, Art comments on tensions in the Middle East and virus threats. He also talks about the Amazing Kreskin’s UFO prediction and climate change, as well as includes Open Lines.


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