Earthquakes & Open Lines

Earthquakes & Open Lines


HostArt Bell

Charles Watson is an experienced geologist whose background includes regional earthquake reporting and paleoseismic investigations, and is a registered professional geologist with the state of California. He joined Art in the first hour to discuss a violent 7.9 earthquake in the Aleutian Island chain off Alaska, which he said had "come unglued." There were thousands of little quakes and aftershocks.

He also spoke about the possibilities of earthquake prediction and the geophysics of strong temblors. A caller from Kodiak Island near Alaska, reports on quakes there too. Another call came in from the Fox Islands – he felt the quake, and there was a tsunami warning.

The rest of the program consisted of news and Open Lines featuring criticisms of new AOL software and, due to recent arson fires at churches, there were calls and commentary on race and violence in America.