Remote Viewing, UFOs, & Predictions

Remote Viewing, UFOs, & Predictions


HostArt Bell

Major Ed Dames, U.S. Army (ret.) is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the government remote viewing training program. He served as the training and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency's psychic intelligence unit, and currently serves as executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency, a private consulting group. Dames spoke about the history of remote viewing and how he developed formerly secret techniques to train almost anyone to remote view through his Psi-Tech courses.

He also discussed what he said was the reality of the UFO phenomenon, and what government scientists knew about them. He claimed that his team determined that the Roswell crash was engineered by a time-traveling alien race. Dames predicted that there would be a worldwide economic collapse in the next year that would be caused by severe weather.

He also predicted a deadly plant pathogen would crash on Earth within six months. Dames revealed his project to contact ET races, and how to predict when crop circles would form. Later in the program, a couple of Dames' students called in to recommend the Psi-Tech training.

The first hour was filled with news and Open Lines with Art's wife Ramona in the studio to announce their 6-year anniversary.

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