Global Shifts & Planetary Change

Global Shifts & Planetary Change


HostArt Bell

Spiritual teacher Dr. Scott Mandelker and lecturer/author David Wilcock discussed the themes of their conference, "The Time of Global Shift," which proposed that the Earth's position in the galaxy was changing rapidly and that this would affect the planet physically and humans spiritually. They described increases in volcanic activity, the message of crop circles, the Mayan 2012 calendar prophecy, and the links between human consciousness and planetary change.

Mandelker and Wilcock also touch on time travel, Indigo children, Shadow People, and free will. Much of their theories are based on channeled words of the Egyptian God, Ra.

In the first hour, Whitley Strieber and Dr. Roger Leir discussed a sample of what they believed was an artifact "from New Mexico from a UFO crash site in 1947," which reportedly came from a firsthand witness. They said that the object would become too cold to handle if dipped into ice water and was composed mostly of silicon.

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