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God Lives in Nigeria

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Date Host Art Bell

Efiong Sam declared that he is from a lost tribe from Nigeria and says God is now on Earth and God is a member of his tribe. He also claimed that the Israelis sent a delegation to Africa to his tribe, which began in 900 BC. When the mercenaries came to Nigeria, they weren’t interested in his tribe – they were only interested in the resources of Nigeria, he said. God, according to Efiong, has been on Earth since 1918 and living in his tribe.

The people in his tribe are the chosen people, he insists, and that God is making himself known to the world and that the Bible has foretold of his coming. He wears a red garment and preaches to his people. He talks about only having a "few months left" and that everyone is going to feel this significant change – something human beings have never witnessed before. Efiong reports that the man living in his tribe has cured blindness and deafness and has even made the dead rise. Art brings on Richard C. Hoagland as a special guest in Hour 3 to comment on Efiong’s claims. He says the tribe could be traced back to Egypt.

During the first hour, Art talks about news of the day and takes Open Lines calls.

Last Night

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel discussed official investigations into UFO activity conducted by the United States Air Force under Project Blue Book. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.

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