Michelle Clare

Michelle Clare


Michelle Clare is a certified medium, psychic, spiritual coach, and energy healer. She helps her clients overcome obstacles. It is her passion to lovingly empower, direct and validate each person. It is her intention that each person she reads will find inspiration, comfort, and understand that we are not living this life alone. We are being helped and guided from the other side. If we could see souls instead of bodies, the illusion that our loved ones have disappeared would vanish.

As a certified medium, Michelle has been validated as a high-caliber medium capable of furnishing specific, accurate, and pertinent information to the person being read. Michelle also works as a research medium for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).


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75 Years After Roswell
75 Years After Roswell
UFO researchers Graeme Rendall and Richard Dolan spoke about the 75th anniversary of Roswell and the Kenneth Arnold 'flying saucer sighting, along with other cases from that era, and military cover-ups.
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