'Heart and Soul' Open Lines

'Heart and Soul' Open Lines


HostArt Bell

In this all-Open Lines show, Art mentions a recent 20/20 episode about a 53-year-old woman who received a heart and lung transplant from a teenage boy. After the operation, the woman awoke with the feelings (and "cravings") of the donor, and this becomes a discussion with listeners about whether the "heart and soul" of a donor can be transferred to anyone who receives them.

One woman echoes Art’s opinion and points out that "every cell stores the collective memory of its inheritor." Other listeners say that perhaps the deceased person wants to remain a "caretaker" of the new person borrowing their old organs. The "Holographic Universe" (the theory that the entire universe is contained in each cell) is also brought up as a possible explanation.

Additionally, there is discussion about an alleged photo of an alien being interrogated at Area 51, Wicca, UFO sightings, and out-of-body experiences.

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