The 'Gulf Breeze Six'

The 'Gulf Breeze Six'


HostArt Bell

In the first two segments, Art welcomed ex-GI Vance Davis, one of the original "Gulf Breeze Six" soldiers who went AWOL in 1990 after conducting a series of Ouija board sessions which apparently revealed prophecies regarding imminent race riots, earth changes, and other predictions of catastrophe. Davis said the sessions started innocently enough, and soon grew into a series of predictions about events that alarmed the group.

The AWOL soldiers were arrested but quietly given honorable discharges, with some of the information about their story remaining classified at the time of the show. Davis said he was done with the Ouija board, but would continue with his exploration of prophecy.

The remainder of the program was devoted to Open Lines, with a discussion of a big earthquake in Bolivia and a series of prophecies set to occur on the next day.

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