Montana Standoff Open Lines

Montana Standoff Open Lines


HostArt Bell


In this unscreened, Wild West-style Open Lines episode for which Art was well-known, callers debated the Montana Freemen, an anti-government group who, declaring themselves to be outside the authority of any outside government, were in an armed standoff with federal authorities at the time.

The Freemen standoff had been in the news for nearly two months, with talks between the group and authorities having broken down. Art revealed that he'd never supported the group, calling them dishonorable men, and noted that more people have come around to his point of view over time. Over the course of the show, listeners called to express their opinions about the situation, with some supporting the Freemen and others condemning their actions. In hour 5, Art shared his opinions on exactly what should be done with regard to the group.

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