New Face on Mars

New Face on Mars


HostArt Bell


Cosmic Majority Founder Michael C. Luckman announced that he may have discovered a new face on Mars, about 3,000 miles from the famous Sphinx-like face photographed by NASA. He said it's the closest we've ever come to proof that the planet was once inhabited by an intelligent civilization.

Luckman stated that he believes the new face is artificially made. Art speculated that since our species may have originated on Mars, the face could have been made by humans. The two discussed other structures believed to exist on Mars, such as giant pyramids and glass tunnels. When Luckman suggests that listeners consciously send out messages to ETs, Art resists, citing his concern that it could bring an unfriendly race to Earth. In the third hour, fellow Mars researcher Richard C. Hoagland makes a surprise call to the show to challenge Luckman's new claim—then reconsiders his position after an interesting exchange.

The first hour consisted of news and Open Lines, covering topics including the death of Waylon Jennings, global warming, and a Russian time machine.