My Worst Day

My Worst Day



Filling in for George Noory, Art Bell hosted a night of Open Lines. Inspired by a plotline in the Dean Koontz book Life Expectancy, Art picked out the subject of Best & Worst Days for callers to share.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, most of the callers presented their worst rather best days. A number of the memorably negative incidents involved automobiles. They included a caller's recollection of how he ran over and killed a man who suddenly jumped into the road, a person who lost control of his car and crashed into a house with his vehicle ending up in a living room with very expensive wood floors, and a man with his neck in a brace that was hit by a deer that crashed into his windshield.

Art, himself, suffered a bit of a mishap. He shared how towards the start of the show he was taking a swig of coffee that turned out to be scalding. Though he reported that his tongue was blistered and peeling, he admirably carried on.