Open Lines, Volcanoes, & Predictions

Hosted byArt Bell

Open Lines, Volcanoes, & Predictions

About the show

On this night of Open Lines, a woman said her health was badly affected by the atomic bomb test in 1945, even though she was in her mother’s womb and in Milwaukee at the time. Another caller described a spontaneous out-of-body UFO "abduction." Art asked people from the Caribbean to call in and confirm reports of a volcano that was rumbling to life on the island of Montserrat. One woman said the local news said there was an "80% chance" of a dangerous eruption.

In hour 2, Art played a recent interview with psychic prophet Gordon Michael Scallion concerning his predictions about upcoming earthquakes in California and the Eastern Pacific. He predicted that if things went as he foresaw, California would be "fractured." He also said his visions indicated that there would likely be volcanic eruptions due to "violent movement" of magma under the surface of the Earth.

A woman called in the 4th hour to see if Art could connect her and repeat caller "Charlie Liberal" for a romantic liaison. In the last hour, Art asked callers to share their experiences of the Windows 95 operating system, which was released just the night before.