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Psychedelic Drugs

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Date Host Art Bell

Author Daniel Pinchbeck shared stories of his personal explorations with psychedelic drugs, ranging from transcendent to terrifying. Pinchbeck claims that experimenting with "psychic medicines" can lead people to different concepts of society and psyche.

One particular experience Pinchbeck recounted involved smoking DMT (diemethyltryptamine). In his vision, he entered a new reality filled with weird geometric patterns and strange symbols. According to Pinchbeck, this is a common experience among users -- they participate in a similar alternate reality when on DMT. Art suggested that DMT users visited a real place (another dimension), to which Pinchbeck concluded, "I felt it was as real as this reality."

Pinchbeck also spoke about Ibogaine, a drug that could potentially help addicts kick their drug habits, and suggested visiting Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies for more info.


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