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UFOs & Alien Abductions / Haunting of Ashmore Estates
UFOs & Alien Abductions / Haunting of Ashmore Estates
Researcher and experiencer Whitley Strieber discussed the alien abduction enigma and historic UFO cases. Followed by paranormal researcher Richard Estep on haunted Ashmore Estates.


Geoengineering Updates / Palmistry & the Soul
Geoengineering Updates / Palmistry & the Soul

First Half: Activist on geoengineering issues, Matthew Landman will discuss why he believes the flooding in Dubai is a result of weather engineering and how the green agenda is actually harmful to nature, as well as share a report on the first ever sun dimming experiment in the SF Bay area.

Second Half: Vernon Mahabal combines astrology with palmistry to make predictions about trends based on repeated patterns he sees in the thousands of palms he reads. He will present his latest work on the eternal nature of the soul, and who we truly are beyond the physical body, as well updates on trends in the US and around the world.

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