Christopher Macklin

Christopher Macklin


Dr. Christopher Macklin is a medical intuitive and healer, author, a paranormal conduit and a global spiritual messenger. He is a powerful channeling medium and healer from England who utilizes Divine Healing techniques cultivated through Divine Knowledge from God and the spirit world to help people recover from all types of illness.

Christopher is able to heal many people simultaneously with the help of God's Angelic Light Beings who work with Christopher to rebalance the body's energy field by clearing chakra points and cleansing the body's meridian field by removing blockages and negative energies. Today, Christopher works with thousands of clients a month internationally. He provides a full range of healing services that address a spectrum of physical, mental and emotional issues and he teaches people about their divine sovereignty, divine alignment and the divine plan.



Past Shows:

  • Mysterious Disappearances & UFOs / Prayers, Healings, & Entities

    Investigator David Paulides discussed his newest documentary demonstrating a link between UFOs and missing people. Followed by channeling medium Christopher Macklin on different entities, prayer, and healing approaches.More »
  • The Metaverse & NFTs / ET Battleground

    Financial writer John Truman Wolfe talked about how the metaverse will be a dominant force, along with the rise of NFTs and digital real estate. Followed by channeling medium Christopher Macklin on positive and negative ETs and their opposing agendas.More »
  • COVID & AI / ETs & Healing

    Cyrus A. Parsa of the A.I. Organization argued that COVID-19 was likely a bio-weapon produced in China. Followed by channeler and healer Christopher Macklin on his methods and ET contacts.More »
  • Global Enlightenment / Vedic Astrology

    Dr. Christopher Macklin spoke on the origins and causes of diseases. Carol Allen discussed Vedic Astrology and what it can tell us about everything from national politics to personal relationships.More »

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