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Nuclear War & the Bible / Mediumship & the Afterlife
Nuclear War & the Bible / Mediumship & the Afterlife
Author Benjamin Baruch discussed escalating signs of war that he connected to biblical prophecy. Followed by Mark Ireland, who shared his journey studying mediumship after his son died.


Intelligence & the Universe / Sci-Fi & Hollywood
Intelligence & the Universe / Sci-Fi & Hollywood

First Half: Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch and author Marsha Sims will discuss the special properties of our universe that reflect an underlying intelligence. They will cover topics such as NDEs, the zero-point field, where could God come from, what is the Big Bang, the afterlife, is Hell possible and is the universe a virtual reality?

Second Half: Writer, producer, and director Mark Zicree will discuss Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and what it takes to get noticed and make it. Mark will also update us on his ‘Space Command’ movie series and his Twilight Zone research.

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