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Lori Ann Spagna is a bestselling author, speaker, spiritual teacher, ascension guide, multidimensional channel, intuitive, animal communicator, energy healer, lightworker, visionary and luminary who assists others to awaken to their alignment with the true Divine Source which exists within each and every being so that all beings can live their best life ever. Radically transformed after a series of near-death experiences while living in Maui, Lori teaches about ascension and acts as a guide to awakening spiritually minded animal lovers, lightworkers, starseeds and way-showers.



Past shows:

Astrology Forecast / Consciousness Shift & Animal Telepathy

Astrologer Mark Lerner discussed planetary alignments that will affect the US this fall. Followed by energy healer Lori Spagna on animal telepathy and a shift in humanity's consciousness. More »

Future of Space Exploration/ Animal Communications

Robert Zubrin spoke about the future of space travel. Lori Spagna talked about her self-transformation and the secret powers of animals. More »

Last Night

Illinois MUFON Director Sam Maranto, along with witness and investigator T.J. Japcon, discussed the Tinley Park UFO sighting, which involved a trio of color-shifting orbs that moved across the horizon before a crowd of witnesses. Open Lines followed.

More »


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