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Open Lines & Politics
Open Lines & Politics
In this all Open Lines show, much of the discussion on this show was political – having to do with a speech that Pres. Clinton made, and gridlock in Congress. A caller discusses a weird sound in San Diego that many people have commented on. He not only heard it but felt it.


Astrology & the Eclipse / Prophecy & Alien Abduction
Astrology & the Eclipse / Prophecy & Alien Abduction

First Half: Astrologer Mark Lerner will discuss the significance of the total solar eclipse on April 8th and how it will affect the election and the border issues, as well as the influence of the 50-year Chiron return, which last happened during Watergate.

Second Half: Ali Siadatan had a close-up UFO sighting in his native Persia, which caused him to look deeper into the modern-day UFO phenomenon, taking him from the origins of civilization to the prophetic future. He'll speak about the alien abduction phenomenon and how it relates to biblical stories, philosophies, and prophecy.

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