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Natural Remedies / Aliens & Mars
Natural Remedies / Aliens & Mars
Dr. Joel Wallach discussed the human body's ability to achieve healing through natural remedies. Followed by chemist Steve Colbern on evidence of Martian life, and his experiences with alien abductions and implants.


Angelic Encounters / Cryptid Research
Angelic Encounters / Cryptid Research

First Half: Author and educator Dr. Scott Guerin has a passion for unraveling the mysteries of God and the universe. He'll discuss an international study that revealed 75% of participants said they believe in angels, and of those, 36% had an angelic experience. He'll describe some of the fascinating encounters experienced by the subjects in the study.

Second Half: Jessica Jones, the Cryptid Huntress, is a longtime field researcher who will talk about her paranormal experiences as well as her team's cutting-edge approach to cryptid field research, remote viewing, documenting portals, up-close ET encounters, and much more.

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