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Ghost-to-Ghost 1995

Date Sunday - October 29, 1995
Host Art Bell

In this special from 1995, listeners called and wrote in with their best ghost stories. One of the email accounts Art shared was from Steve Fisher who related an incident from the 1970s, when he worked at a college radio station in Bridgeport, CT. His team had decided to do a special report on their search for a local Sasquatch-type creature called the Easton Monster. But instead, when they got to the desolate area, the group simultaneously witnessed a transparent female figure floating down the road. They were so unnerved by what they saw, they canceled the report.

Dennis from Vancouver, WA told a story about using a Ouija board with friends while staying in Yosemite, and a negative entity came through-- something higher-up on the demonic chain, he speculated. The being told the group to turn the lights out, and then a glowing apparition formed in the corner, and the room grew cold. Jeff in Denver recalled when an upset acquaintance had a kind of seizure, and as he writhed on the floor, several different voices seemed to be pouring out of his mouth at the same time.

A caller from Reno shared an account from when he was living in Guam in 1990-91. His friend was going to a "rosary" event, commemorating a deceased pal. The young sister of the departed man (who was named "David") announced that the spirit of her brother was in the room. She pointed to sliding doors above the bed, and said that he wanted them opened. The caller and his friend tried with all their might but could not get the doors to budge. The sister said that David told her she should be the one to open it, so they lifted her up and the door slid open for her with no effort at all. Inside were some of David's personal effects and a letter he wrote to his little sister in case anything should ever happen to him.


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