Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton


Anthony Hamilton is a former professor of communication at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada, and the author of Mind, Time and Power! – a book which describes the results of his thirty years of research into how our thoughts and feelings shape our lives. Anthony's passion is to awaken people to their inborn ability to improve their lives by employing cutting-edge yet simple mental tools.



Past Shows:

  • Alternative Health / Mind Power

    Pharmacist Ben Fuchs recommended natural remedies and vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to maintain good health. Followed by retired professor Anthony Hamilton with his mind enhancement techniques that can result in greater happiness and prosperity.More »
  • Space & Technology / Mental Time Travel

    Charles Shults shared updates on space, technology, and education. Followed by Anthony Hamilton on mental time travel techniques.More »
  • Nature of the Universe/ Mind Enhancement

    Scientist Robert Lanza discussed his theory of 'Biocentrism' and the nature of the universe. Followed by Anthony Hamilton on mind travel techniques.More »

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