Matthew Alper

Matthew Alper


Matthew Alper was born and raised in New York City. He was educated at Vasser and North London University where he acquired a degree in Philosophy of Science. After teaching High School History, Matthew went on to become a screenwriter and then to write to his seminal work "The God Part of the Brain," now in its 5th edition. Since then Matthew has lectured at various universities on the topics of Cognitive Science and philosophy. He has been written up in the Washington Post and appeared on NBC.



Past Shows:

  • Neurology of the Paranormal / Clairvoyant Mediumship

    Philosopher Matthew Alper discussed the paranormal, synchronicity, coincidence, and our belief in God in the context of neurology. Followed by clairvoyant medium Kim Dennis on the messages she has received from talking to spirits.More »
  • The Nature of Viruses / Neurology & the Paranormal

    Prof. Peter Ward discussed the progression of viruses in nature, with emphasis on coronavirus. Followed by Matthew Alper with his "god part of the brain" theory.More »
  • EMP Attack/ Brain & the Paranormal

    In the first half, historian William R. Forstchen, PhD, updated the ongoing campaign to bolster energy and communications infrastructure against an EMP attack, and what the effects of such a calamity would be. In the latter half, author and philosopher Matthew Alper argued...More »
  • Mars Mission/ Brain & Afterlife

    In the first half, Ken Johnston, a former NASA Data and Photo Control Department manager, talked about his bid to go to Mars as a participant in the Mars One program. In the latter half, author and philosopher Matthew Alper discussed his contention that the afterlife does...More »
  • The Brain & Spiritual Beliefs

    Author and philosopher Matthew Alper shared his contention that human beings are genetically hard wired to experience belief in spirituality and various paranormal phenomena, even though there is no scientific basis for it. First hour guest, animal communicator Madeleine...More »
  • 'God' in the Brain

    Neuro-theologist Matthew Alper returned for a discussion on his theory about the genetic nature of spirituality and how humans are wired to believe in a "God" and spiritual realm.More »
  • The Brain & Spirituality

    Mathew Alper, the author of "The God Part of the Brain" discussed his theory that human beings are genetically hard wired to experience some form of spirituality. He suggested that over time humanity evolved in this direction as a way of coping with the inevitable knowledge of...More »
  • Religous Experience

    Author Matthew Alper discussed studies which show that believing in God as well as being an active member of a church or religious community can be beneficial to one's health.More »
  • Matthew Alper

    From the dawn of our species, every culture has maintained a belief in someform of a spiritual reality. Wouldn't this imply that human spiritualitymust represent an inherent characteristic of our species, that is, agenetically inherited trait? Are humans "wired" to believe in...More »

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