Marla Martenson

Marla Martenson


Marla Martenson is a professional Beverly Hills matchmaker and the author of three memoirs, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker, Hearts On The Line and The Buddha Made Me Do It: A Field Guide To EnLITEnment. Marla is also a Reiki/Crystal healer, and hosts a show on YouTube called, Conversations With Cupid. She has appeared on countless radio and TV shows including the Today Show, WGN Chicago Morning News, San Diego Living, Beyond Belief with George Noory, Urban Rush and Better TV. Marla lives in Los Angeles with her husband, composer, Adolfo Jon Alexi.



Past Shows:

  • Exploring Spiritual Realms / The Great Sphinx & Hall of Records

    Motivational speaker Marla Martenson talked about her exploration into magical and spiritual realms. Followed by author Manu Seyfzadeh on the Great Sphinx and mysterious Hall of Records.More »
  • Mystical & Occult Explorations/ Creationism & Science

    In the first half, life/dating coach, author, and motivational speaker, Marla Martenson joined George Noory in the studio for a discussion about her spiritual and occult odyssey, in which she explored various practices, and experiences. Retired doctor of chiropractic...More »
  • Biblical Discoveries & Middle East

    Professor, author and researcher, Dr. Ken Hanson, spoke about biblical history, prophecies, and discoveries, as well as shared his analysis of the Middle East, and the potential for apocalyptic events. In the first hour, dating coach and motivational speaker Marla...More »
  • Non-Local Consciousness

    Futurist and researcher in non-local consciousness, Stephan Schwartz, discussed remote viewing, meditation, dreams, and how changes in the Earth's geomagnetic field influence our consciousness and creativity. In the first hour, Beverly Hills matchmaker, Marla Martenson,...More »
  • Physics, Light, & God

    Physicist, writer and lecturer, Fred Alan Wolf, aka Dr. Quantum, discussed how physics is finally understanding the profound implications of God's command: "Let there be light," as science and spirituality merge. First hour guest, matchmaker Marla Martenson talked about the...More »
  • Evil, Lies, & the Human Psyche

    David Kupelian, managing editor of WorldNetDaily, discussed how the human psyche is exploited by criminals, terrorists, politicians and marketers. First hour guest, matchmaker Marla Martenson talked about her new memoir which deals with her work in the Los Angeles area,...More »

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