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Bill Brooks

Bill Brookspicture


Bill Brooks spent two thirds of his life believing there was no such thing as extraterrestrials, aliens or UFOs. He spent six years in the army at a base shared by US personnel from Area 51, and did a brief tour in Northern Ireland. Thereafter, he made a living as a professional musician and singer. At age 44, Bill’s world fell apart after the shattering revelation that he’d had a life time of alien abductions. These memories flooded back after a near-death type memory download. They involved encounters with military Men in Black, the Greys, Reptilians, Shadow Beings and the Nordics.


Past shows:

A Doctor's NDE/ British Alien Abduction

In the first half, former chief anesthesiologist at Bakersfield Heart Hospital, Dr. Rajiv Parti, discussed how his own emergency surgery in 2010, resulted in a near-death experience (NDE) that changed his life completely. In the latter half, regression therapist and... More »

Last Night

Expert in backyard food production, Marjory Wildcraft and agricultural researcher Christian Westbrook talked about cultivating your own food supply. Followed by journalist Aaron Sagers on the popularity of the paranormal in lockdown.

More »


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