A Doctor's NDE/ British Alien Abduction

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A Doctor's NDE/ British Alien Abduction

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In the first half, former chief anesthesiologist at Bakersfield Heart Hospital, Dr. Rajiv Parti, discussed how his own emergency surgery in 2010, resulted in a near-death experience (NDE) that changed his life completely. He detailed his experience of watching his body from above the operating table while being completely lucid as his "untethered consciousness" traveled away from the operating theater to various other worldly encounters. At first, he found himself in a dark hellish environment, and had the realization that he had led the wrong kind of life, focused on gaining material wealth. His deceased father appeared and led him out of there into a tunnel, where he was presented with a current life review, and two past life reviews.

On the other side of the tunnel, he was greeted by two powerful Christian angels, which was curious since he was brought up Hindu. One of the angels, Raphael, is known as the angel for healing, and doctors, which might have been related to his health struggles, he surmised. From there he was brought to a "Being of Light." Upon his return, Parti eventually made many changes to his life, choosing a less wealth and status-driven path. Many people have tried to explain away NDEs under anesthesia as caused by the administered drugs. But as an anesthesiologist himself, Parti is in a unique position to declare that such medication is very unlikely to create the types of experiences he had.


In the latter half, regression therapist and radio host, Joanne Summerscales shared the remarkable story of Bill Brooks, a former British soldier, who experienced what he calls a 'download' of information revealing a lifetime of UFO abductions and covert military experimentation, including early encounters with Nordics, Reptilians, shadow entities and Greys. Summerscales also detailed several encounters she had with anomalous beings in recent years-- one of them may have been a military hologram rather than an ET, and she received a strange electrocution-like sensation during the episode.

Brooks joined the conversation in the last hour to describe the 'Abingdon abduction incident,' in which he saw a cow taken up into a spinning 'Catherine Wheel' that was throwing off sparks in the night sky. Subsequently, he said he was taken aboard the ship by three Grey-type aliens, one of whom had a four-fingered hand. At one point, he saw an area that seemed to have caged creatures, and a blonde Chinese girl, whom he suspects may have been a hybrid. Many of his memories from the incident are blacked out, and he lost over 20 hours of missing time before he found himself back at his car.

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