Joseph Buchman

Joseph Buchman


Dr. Buchman holds a Ph.D. from the Indiana University Media School, and an MS in finance from Purdue. After earning tenure he left traditional higher education to develop online MBA finance courses for the University of Chicago's UNext program and pursue his dreams of adventure travel (solar eclipses, trekking the Altai Mountains of Mongolia, driving the entire US interstate highway system in an RV, and throat singing).

His lifelong interest in cosmology, nucleogenesis and the possibility of extraterrestrial life led him to serve, with six former members of the United States Congress, on the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington, DC. His research has been published in a wide variety of college textbooks and presented to the American Psychological Association, the National Association of Broadcasters, TEDx at Burning Man, the Roswell UFO Festival, the Society for Scientific Exploration, FreedomFest, the Sonoma International Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival, and the SETI Institute's Contact: Cultures of the Imagination conference in Mountain View, CA.


Past Shows:

  • Haunted Baseball / Libertarian Campaign

    Joseph Buchman spoke on politics and UFO disclosure. Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon told stories of baseball ghosts. Open Lines occupied the last hour.More »
  • Spiricom & ITC

    Scientific investigator Dr. Stephen Rorke discussed the field of instrumental transcommunication (ITC), of which EVP (electronic voice phenomena) is a subset. Of particular focus, was his study of the Spiricom case. Popularized as "the most convincing evidence of two-way...More »
  • Angels & ETs

    Contactee Victoria Liljenquist joined Rollye James for a discussion about the knowledge alien beings have shared with her and what it means to the future of the world. She spoke about her first encounter, as a young child, meeting an angelic life form and discussed how similar...More »

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