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Kevin Burns

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​Kevin Burns is the creator and executive producer of the hit TV series, "Ancient Aliens." Launched in the U.S. in 2009, “Ancient Aliens” has become and international hit and is seen around the world. Over the past two decades, Burns has produced more than 700 hours of diverse and dynamic television programming. His work can be seen on History, WEtv, A&E, Travel Channel, E!, Bravo, Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, AMC -- and more. In 1993, while working as an executive at Twentieth Century Fox Television, Burns co-founded Foxstar Productions where he developed and produced a series of "Alien Nation" movies for television. In 1994, Burns founded Van Ness Films, a subsidiary of Foxstar, where he produced 166 episodes of the hit series “Biography” for A&E as well as dozens of Hollywood-related documentaries for AMC and other cable networks.

In 1999, Burns founded Prometheus Entertainment where he continued to create and produce film and television programming. Also in 1999, Burns, in partnership with feature film executive Jon Jashni, founded Synthesis Entertainment where the two began developing and producing remakes and sequels of the popular Irwin Allen movies and television series. In 2016, Synthesis joined Legendary Entertainment in launching the new "Lost in Space" series that will premiere on Netflix in 2018.



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