Mike Paterson

Mike Paterson


Mike Paterson's interest in Sasquatch began in 2008 when he was in the woods photographing wildlife and nature. He had an epiphany to search for the hairy folk who most call Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Their existence was shown to him early in life with a childhood sighting that had a traumatizing effect at the time. It’s now been 12 years searching for answers since his initial close Sasquatch vocal encounter on October 25th, 2008. Eight of those years have involved personal contact experiences that continue to show up in his life, giving him incredible insight into their existence and how Sasquatch interact with humans.


Past Shows:

  • The Afterlife / Sasquatch Ontario

    Tim Coleman, documentary filmmaker, discussed his explorations of life after death, crop circles, the ancient Egyptians, and other phenomena. Followed by Sasquatch researcher Mike Paterson on following these creatures in Ontario.More »
  • Meeting with Shamans / Sasquatch Conversations

    Dr. John Alexander talked about places around the world that attract paranormal activity, and the role shamans play in many of them. Followed by Mike Paterson, who discussed his extensive work observing and documenting Sasquatch in Ontario.More »

Last Night

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