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Chris Hadnagy is the founder and executive director of the Innocent Lives Foundation. He possesses over 17 years of experience as a practitioner and researcher in the security field. He is the author of 3 (soon to be 4) books as well as 3 different training courses taught around the globe. Chris has trained and taught various branches of the US government in the art and science of social engineering, including the FBI, SOCOM and others. Chris has been invited to the Pentagon to debrief 30+ general officers and government officials on social engineering and its effect on the United States.

Chris established the world’s first social engineering penetration testing framework providing an invaluable repository of information for security professionals and enthusiasts. That site grew into a dynamic web resource including a podcast and newsletter, which have become staples in the security industry and are referenced by large organizations around the world.

Chris specializes in understanding how malicious attackers exploit human communication and trust to obtain access to information and resources through manipulation and deceit. His goal is to secure companies by educating them on the methods used by attackers, identifying vulnerabilities, and mitigating issues through appropriate levels of awareness and security.



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