Geoffrey Simmons

Geoffrey Simmons


Eleven-time author, international lecturer and Board certified M.D. in Internal Medicine and Disaster Medicine, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons, is the author of such books as The Hitchhiker's Guide to Uranus, a medical spoof with a superb Kirkus review, and Are We Here to Re-Create OurselvesThe latter book questions if one of our purposes in life might be to recreate ourselves as robots. The evolution of robots strongly suggests he may be right.

Simmons is a Fellow with the distinguished Discovery Institute. His two books, What Darwin Didn’t Know and Billions of Missing Links, suggest that life on Earth is too coincidental to be a coincidence. He has also been a host/reporter on several radio stations, including KABC, KPNW, and KUGN. Years ago, he was on the Steve Allen Show.


Past Shows:

  • Staying Young / Intelligent Design

    Dr. Michael Greger, MD, discussed why we don’t need Big Pharma to keep us feeling young. Followed by Dr. Geoffrey Simmons sharing his ideas on macroevolution and intelligent-design theory.More »
  • Antichrist & the Eclipse / Evolution & Intelligent Design

    Mark Biltz spoke on celestial signs and prophecy. Dr. Geoffrey Simmons described and defended the concept of intelligent design.More »
  • Clearing & Dowsing

    Dowser Raymon Grace talked about clearing negative energies, how dowsing works, using the power of intent, and his ability to energize water. First-hour guest, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons provided an update on cardiac arrest protocols.More »
  • Spiritual Awakening

    Brooklyn based filmmaker, Jonas Elrod, and film producer, Steve Hutensky, discussed the true story of how Elrod suddenly began seeing and hearing angels, demons, and auras all around him, and how his journey for answers led him to physicians, religious teachers, scientists,...More »
  • Preparedness & Evolution

    Board certified in disaster medicine and adviser for FEMA’s NW region, Geoffrey Simmons discussed preparedness as well as his work with Darwin, Creation and the evolution of man. Lamenting that most people are woefully unprepared for disasters, he cited studies which say that...More »
  • Evolution, Darwin, & Intelligent Design

    Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons presented a critique of Darwin's theory of evolution.More »

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