John Kachuba

John Kachuba


John Kachuba is an author and paranormal investigator. He is a certified Ghost Hunter and has investigated over 80 haunted locations in the last three years. He is a frequent guest on radio, television, and a noted speaker at paranormal conferences. John has also written books unrelated to the paranormal and teaches creative writing at Ohio University. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, one of America's most haunted towns.



Past Shows:

  • Pat Boone's Journey / Legacy of Shapeshifters

    Performer and musician Pat Boone joined George in the LA studio to chat about his career. Followed by ghost hunter John Kachuba on his investigations into shapeshifters.More »
  • Martian Anomalies / Shapeshifters Across Cultures

    George Haas discussed geoglyphic formations on Mars including the Raptor Zone Complex. Followed by John Kachuba on the lore of shapeshifters.More »
  • Future of A.I./ Shapeshifters

    Dr. Susan Schneider spoke on the future and ethics of artificial intelligence.John Kachuba discussed the history and lore of the shapeshifter.More »
  • American Trends / Shapeshifters

    Gerald Celente made predictions about world politics.John Kachuba discussed the legends and lore of shapeshifters.More »
  • Ghosts and Spirits

    Ghosthunter and author John Kachuba talked about some of his investigations, and theories regarding hauntings and spirits. There are a number of possible explanations for ghostly phenomena, and one of them ties in with the theory of parallel universes or alternate worlds,...More »
  • Ghosts & Spirits

    Ghost hunter John Kachuba, who's investigated more than 100 haunted locations throughout the U.S., discussed his most recent work examining how various religions and cultures explain the ghostly realm. First hour guest, astronomer Phil Plait shared updates on space-related...More »
  • Ghosts: Theories & Investigations

    Ghost Hunter John Kachuba discussed his investigations, methods, and theories. Ghosts are most often thought of as an energy residue or essence of the deceased, but in some cases we could literally be creating these entities ourselves, he said. If we believe in something...More »
  • Ghosthunting: Reports & Trends

    Author John Kachuba, who's investigated more than 100 haunted locations in the U.S., shared his observations about ghostly activity, and spoke about techniques and trends in ghosthunting.More »

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