Christopher Sharp

Christopher Sharp


Christopher Sharp, who has a background in communications, is the founder and editor-in-chief of Liberation Times. Based in London, he is also a senior contributing journalist at the Daily Mail.


Past Shows:

  • UFO Investigations / Watergate Revelations

    Christopher Sharp discussed Congress' investigation of UAP, and Kevin Randle recalled 1952 incidents when UFOs traversed the US Capitol. Followed by journalist Jefferson Morley on Watergate and the power struggle between Pres. Nixon and Richard Helms.More »

Last Night

Ancient Stones & the Anunnaki  / Lucid Dreaming Experiment
Ancient Stones & the Anunnaki / Lucid Dreaming Experiment
Author Michael Tellinger talked about his work on stone relics of ancient South Africa and the Anunnaki. Followed by investigative reporter Cheryll Jones' interview of researcher Karen Konkoly on lucid dreaming experiments.
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