Jefferson Morley

Jefferson Morley


Jefferson Morley is a Washington author and veteran journalist whose novelistic non-fiction books explore untold chapters in the history of the American nation. A skilled investigative reporter, Morley combines granular detail with storytelling verve to capture unknown realities of subjects as disparate as the Central Intelligence Agency and America’s legacy of racial violence.

Morley is one of the world’s most credible authorities on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He is editor of the blog, JFK Facts. He sued the CIA for certain records related to the Kennedy assassination in 2003. Fourteen years later, his lawsuit, Morley v. CIA is still active in federal court.



Past Shows:

  • UFO Investigations / Watergate Revelations

    Christopher Sharp discussed Congress' investigation of UAP, and Kevin Randle recalled 1952 incidents when UFOs traversed the US Capitol. Followed by journalist Jefferson Morley on Watergate and the power struggle between Pres. Nixon and Richard Helms.More »

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