Protecting Wild Horses / UAPs & Congress

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Protecting Wild Horses / UAPs & Congress

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The Bureau of Land Management uses helicopters to remove federally protected mustangs and burros across the West. The process terrorizes horses, and nearly every roundup results in injuries or deaths, said wild horse advocate Jerry Reynoldson. In addition, millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on roundup programs. In the first half, he joined George Knapp to report on the latest efforts to protect these animals. He explained that the horses continue to be abused by BLM personnel, who work in a culture of disregard for their value and well-being. Despite their reputation as a polarized body, Congress is seeing members from both parties come together to commit to protecting wild horses, however.

Nevada congresswoman Dina Titus, who is calling for a ban on the helicopter roundups, also joined the conversation. She noted that often she hears from her constituents that the helicopter roundups are cruel and unnecessary, and that the practice needs to end. She claimed that the BLM is supported by ranchers and farmers, who stand to gain financially when horses are removed. "If you look at the membership of people who are on BLM committees, they come from that world," she asserted.


The Senate Intelligence Committee has unanimously approved its new Intelligence Authorization Act for 2024, which contains extraordinary Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena provisions. In the second half, journalist Christopher Sharp discussed the recent strides that Congress has made in acknowledging the need to account for nonhuman technology. He pointed to an upcoming bipartisan hearing in which he expects "bombshell" testimony from surprising witnesses.

Noteworthy legislation elements include the suspension of US government funding for illicit UAP programs, and legal amnesty to those suspected of possessing non-human craft or materials. Such provisions, Sharp said, are sure to embarrass and anger some in the military and the intelligence communities, because they will reveal evidence that contradicts their claim that they've been straightforward with Congress and the public.

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George Knapp shared recent news items of interest, including articles about a former intelligence officer's UFO claims:

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