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Chance Gardner is an award-winning graphic designer, 3d animator, cinematographer and editor. After a 20 year career producing motion graphics and on-air promo for major TV networks including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios and NBC/Universal, he retired from television in 2001 to make documentaries. HIs first documentary "Magical Egypt" became a cult classic and is still in wide circulation around the world.

After 15 years, Gardner has returned to the Magical Egypt project to produce the much anticipated Magical Egypt series 2, which features the iconic personalities from the original ME, plus a new generation of researchers and unorthodox thinkers, all united by a common fascination with the unexplained mysteries of the past. The new series is described as "a forensic recreation of ancient science through a study of ancient aesthetics". The tagline for the new series is: "Where science refuses to go, and where religion forbids us to look, the artist takes over as the rightful tour guide."


Past shows:

Mystical Insights/ Open Lines

Chance Gardner discussed the consciousness secrets of ancient Egypt. The second half featured Open Lines. More »

Last Night

Mario Woods and Jeff Goodrich shared UFO experiences from their time in the Air Force and after. Followed by author T.S. Mart, who discussed monsters like the Thunderbird, Jersey Devil, Mothman, and lesser-known sky cryptids.

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