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Writer, director, and the mind behind the Magical Egypt series, Chance Gardner, joined Jimmy Church (email) to discuss his extensive research and conversations with some of the biggest names in alternative thinking who've provided the world with new insights into the source of human creativity, and heightened states of consciousness. First, he talked about his start making his film "Magical Egypt," which was released in 2001, and was inspired by John Anthony West, an early researcher of Egyptian history who did not conform to the mainstream view. Gardner said that soon after arriving in Egypt and looking at the art and architecture, he realized that the ancient people were "thinking with a different operating system."

Gardner believes that the archaeological authorities that manage access to Egyptian antiquities are not trying to educate the public, but are there to "keep people from seeing things". He says he found that the art of ancient Egypt was made to tell people what human consciousness is and how to use it fully, by using the buildings, paintings, and sculpture as something like "a giant book that you walk through." The ultimate source of this knowledge, he thinks points to the stars and "somebody from somewhere else." Gardner stayed 30 minutes into the second half answering questions from listeners. In response to a question from Joe in New York state, Gardner stated that the Roman army was the only force in history that was able to defeat the Egyptians because they confiscated their magical texts and tools and imprisoned the magicians before invading.


During Open Lines, Brian from Reno recalled working with locals in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia in the early 1990s. He said most were "tight-lipped" about the legendary Mothman sightings, but some told him that there was "way more to this than meets the eye" and hinted at some darker secrets. Paul in New York City commented on the UFO announcement of this week with his opinion that it was "disclosure with a small ‘d’," and that most of what was revealed were things that listeners of C2C already knew. Lauren in Texas theorized that ancient megalithic structures may have been built by "giants" as described in biblical texts, and that perhaps they had tools that were "more accurate than what we’ve got" today.

"Minister Washington" related his 1976 UFO sighting near Lawrence, Kansas which he said he heard about on another Coast show and realized that it was the same object he witnessed. Amazingly, he also claimed that he and an Air Force buddy also saw what they thought was a Bigfoot on the same road in 1969. Tommy in Florida said that he found "an object down the road hovering in the air" near his property in an image on Google Earth. Rebecca in Texas called to say she believed that aliens seeded the Earth with humans in the distant past and added "I didn’t come from no monkey and I certainly wasn’t a fish."

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