Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak


Seth Shostak is Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute, with degrees in physics and astronomy from Princeton University and Caltech. He has a long history of research in radio astronomy and in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI. He has written more than 500 popular articles on science and technology, and hosts the weekly science radio show Big Picture Science and has authored four books. Seth is a frequent guest and commentator on radio and television. His TV appearances include Larry King Live, Colbert Report, Nightline, and countless Discovery, History Channel, and National Geographic Channel programs.



Past Shows:

  • Aviation Safety / Search for ET Signals

    Former FAA flight accident inspector David Soucie discussed aviation safety and the missing MH-370 flight. Followed by astronomer Seth Shostak on SETI's latest efforts.More »
  • George Noory's Birthday Party

    On this special show, we celebrated George Noory's birthday with guests SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, investigative researcher Mark Shaw, author James Paris, and Tarot therapist Art Rosengarten.More »
  • Search for ET Signals / The Miracle Mindset

    Astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak talked about his continued work in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Followed by shaman and teacher Adam C. Hall on finding the miracle mindset.More »
  • Astronomy & SETI / Church of Satan

    SETI astronomer Seth Shostak talked about the search for extraterrestrials and the idea that aliens have visited Earth. Followed by Bill M. of the Church of Satan on the beliefs of its members and misconceptions about Satanism.More »
  • Search for ET Intelligence / Animal Personalities

    Senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak spoke about his continued work in the search for ET intelligence. Followed by gifted animal communicator and healer Coryelle Kramer on the six archetypes of animals.More »
  • Secret Door Special XXIII

    In our Secret Door special, George interviewed a surprise guest each hour. First through the Door was author Dannion Brinkley, followed by Tarot expert Art Rosengarten, SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, and anomaly researcher Billy Carson.More »
  • Astrology Predictions / Astronomy & ET Signals

    Astrologer William Stickevers shared predictions and financial insights for the year ahead and beyond. Followed by SETI astronomer Seth Shostak on a curious stellar object, and mysterious signal.More »
  • The Coming Ice Age / Astronomy & the Search for ET Life

    Researcher Robert Felix, argued that we're in the early stages of a mini-ice age. Followed by astronomer Seth Shostak on possible life in the Venusian atmosphere.More »
  • Search for ET Life / Conscious Luck

    Senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, discussed his continued work in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. In the latter half, authors Gay Hendricks, PhD, and Carol Kline shared insights into how a person can change their luck and harness good fortune to unlock a...More »
  • Search for ET Life / Power of Meditation

    Seth Shostak discussed SETI and the search for ET life. Followed by Bill Douglas on the transformative power of meditation techniques.More »
  • Space Signals / Sunlight & Health

    Seth Shostak discussed space signals such as Fast Radio Bursts. Followed by Linda Geddes on her research into sunlight and circadian rhythyms.More »
  • Mysterious Space Signals/ Seven Spiritual Practices

    Seth Shostak discussed mysterious radio signals. Followed by Rupert Sheldrake on spiritual practices that can improve one's life.More »
  • Cattle Disappearances, Mysterious Pattern, & Magnetic Field

    Linda Moulton Howe reported on the disappearance of livestock and a mysterious pattern. First-hour guest Seth Shostak shared a SETI update.More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere In Time

    Art Bell- Somewhere in Time returned to March 13, 2002 when Seth Shostak talked about SETI's efforts to find ET signals.More »
  • Future Technology/ Search For ETI

    Annalee Newitz discussed the future of artificial intelligence.Seth Shostak talked about the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe.More »
  • Hollywood Ghosthunters/ Mysterious Space Signals

    In the first half, members of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, Rick McCallum, Louis Horowitz, and Robert Pendergraft discussed the many haunted locations they've investigated and described details of their ghost adventures in places such as the Queen Mary, and the Whaley House. ...More »
  • Space News/ Parapsychology & the 'PK Man'

    In the first half, senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, talked about the latest news in space exploration, astronomical discoveries, and UFO disclosure. In the latter half, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD discussed various types of parapsychology, and in particular the case of...More »
  • Anomalous Star & Space News/ Numerology

    In the first half, senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, talked about the anomalous star KIC 8462852 and the methods scientists are using to explore its unusual characteristics. In the latter half, numerologist Glynis McCants detailed the numerology of Obama, Putin, and...More »
  • SETI & Strange Space Signals/ Open Lines

    In the first half, senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, shared an update on the search for extraterrestrial signals, and commented on a recent report of strange radio bursts from space. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Drug & Tax Reforms

    James P. Gray has been a trial judge in Orange County, California since 1983 and was the 2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President. He discussed many of the issues ignored by mainstream politicians including drug legalization, education reform, a flat tax system, unnecessary...More »
  • Fukushima Radiation & UFO Anomalies

    Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented a two-part report about possible Fukushima radiation poisoning in Japanese children and sailors in the U.S. Navy, and also detailed sightings of triangular craft and fiery discs in multiple U.S. locations. ...More »
  • DNA Research

    Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford since 1997, Bryan Sykes, discussed some of his fascinating DNA research findings, including his study of American genetics. First hour guest, SETI astronomer Seth Shostak spoke about SETI's latest targets which are...More »
  • SETI & Astronomy

    Astronomer Seth Shostak discussed his continued work in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), the nature of possible alien life forms, and various astronomy topics. First hour guest, Tim Ralston, who's featured in the new TV series, Doomsday Preppers, talked...More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 3/13/02 when Seth Shostak from SETI, who was behind the telescope at Arecibo during the interview, talked about the search for ET life.More »
  • UFOs & the Star of Bethlehem

    Author L.A. Marzulli discussed his latest research on the evidence of UFOs that fly with impunity in our skies and offered an explanation of the Bethlehem star of 2000 years ago. First hour guest, astronomer Seth Shostak shared SETI updates.More »
  • The Hutchison Effect & Antigravity

    Physicist Dr. Bob Koontz, and independent researcher John Hutchison discussed the Hutchison Effect, and such topics as antigravity, Tesla technology, UFO propulsion, free energy, and the Philadelphia Experiment. First hour guest, astronomer Seth Shostak talked about SETI...More »
  • Earthquakes & Earth Changes

    Author and researcher Mitch Battros talked about earthquakes and earth changes. The recent series of quakes off Mexico that were felt in Phoenix and San Diego could be a precursor to a larger event, he said. During the third hour, geologist Jim Berkland and quake sensitive Cal...More »
  • Vaccines & Bird Flu / Search for ET Life

    Appearing in the first half of the show, Alex Jones (1st hour) and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (2nd hour) discussed contaminated vaccines and Bird Flu. Jones reported that Baxter International had released live avian flu viruses in some of its vaccines made at its plant in Austria, and...More »
  • Ghosts, UFOs & Anomalies

    Investigator Joshua P. Warren returned, sharing his latest research on active paranormal sites, in places such as Puerto Rico. More than ever, he is seeing a relationship between UFOs, ghosts, aliens and cryptids-- and noticing that more than one type of these activities are...More »
  • Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso

    Ian spoke with crime expert Philip Carlo, who shared stories from his research into organized crime and discussed his latest work, Gaspipe: Confessions of a Mafia Boss.Carlo said he grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where he was a neighbor of Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, the man who...More »
  • The William Shatner Interview

    During the first two hours, actor William Shatner shared stories from his remarkable career including his roles in Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and Boston Legal. He got his start doing radio plays in his native Canada, before moving on to acting for the stage in New York. Later, as...More »
  • Edgar Cayce & The Universe

    Astronomy writer James Mullaney discussed his book Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos, which examines the "Sleeping Prophet's" readings about the universe.As a scientist, he was initially skeptical about the Cayce material (which was delivered in a trance state), but upon study, he was...More »
  • Tribute to Art Bell

    George Noory and a cavalcade of guests paid tribute to Art Bell, and clips of some of Art's most memorable on-air moments were played. In live appearances Whitley Strieber, Richard C. Hoagland, Ian Punnett, Dannion Brinkley, George Knapp, Seth Shostak, Evelyn Paglini, Sean David...More »
  • Health Freedom Panel

    Dr. Robin Falkov presented a Health Freedom Panel in which she was joined by three experts in alternative healthcare.More »
  • SETI Research

    Art spoke with Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute, about his organization's search for intelligent life in the universe.More »
  • Dreams & Nightmares

    Craig Webb of the Dreams Foundation discussed various types of dreams as well as nightmares.More »
  • SETI Update

    Filling in for Art Bell, Ian Punnett welcomed astronomer Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute, who talked about the organization's search for intelligent life in the universe.More »
  • Crop Circles, Consciousness & Phenomena

    UFO/Crop Circle researchers, Ed & Kris Sherwood shared their evidence and analysis of various phenomena. Crop circles have been man-made since 2001, Ed declared, and since 1990 less than 10% have come from non-manmade sources. The Sherwoods believe that the 10% of genuine...More »
  • Regression Therapy

    Clinical psychologist Dr. Erik Fisher discussed his work with regression therapy, which he uses with about 30% of his clients. Getting in touch with past life memories can be useful in reintegrating "fragmented energy," and moving towards oneness, he explained. Regression has...More »
  • Templar Secrets

    Author and Anglican Priest Lionel Fanthorpe returned to talk about Knights Templar secrets and the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark may have originally belonged to the Egyptians and it could have had alchemical powers to transform energy into a mysterious "fifth element," he said....More »
  • Cosmic Perspectives

    Astronomer Seth Shostak of SETI, the guest for the middle two hours of the show, discussed the nature of our universe, the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and whether alien visitors to Earth would be friendly.More »
  • The Biblical Alphabet & Consciousness

    Researcher Stan Tenen shared his theories about meaning and consciousness that he has interpreted from the ancient Biblical alphabet. The text of Genesis, he said, can be looked at like a woven structure, where meanings are seen in the pattern, beyond just what the words spell...More »
  • The Great UFO Debate

    Physicist and investigator Stanton Friedman faced off with astronomer Seth Shostak of SETI in a debate about the nature of UFOs. While both believe that extraterrestrial life exists, Shostak contended that UFO reports from the time of Roswell onwards, do not indicate alien...More »
  • Pondering the Universe

    James Gardner, the author of Biocosm and Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute, joined together for a discussion about the universe on Wednesday night. The premise behind his book Gardner said is that life and intelligence are the "primary cosmic phenomena" and...More »
  • Searching for ET Life

    Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute, appeared on Tuesday night's show speaking about the possibilities for life in our galaxy, as well as closer to home in our solar system. "Everything in the universe is made up out of the same stuff," which could mean there...More »
  • Cosmic Radio

    Things are on the upswing at SETI according to the organization's Senior Astronomer, Seth Shostak, who appeared on the program Thursday night. To be finished sometime in 2005, will be the Allen Telescope Array which can be used by SETI 24/7, scanning star systems for signals....More »
  • Dr. Seth Shostak

    Astronomer and SETI expert (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), with news on ET and the SETI Institute, which is the real-life basis for the story portrayed in the movie "Contact".More »
  • Dr. Seth Shostack

    Astronomer and SETI expert (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), withnews on ET and the SETI Institute, which is the real-life basis for thestory portrayed in the movie "Contact".More »

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