Sarah Breskman Cosme

Sarah Breskman Cosme


Sarah Breskman Cosme is the best-selling author of A Hypnotist’s Journey to Atlantis and the author of A Hypnotist’s Journey to the Secrets of the Sphinx. Sarah is a master hypnotist, a Level 3 practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT, and a student of Dr. Brian Weiss. With a passion to reveal hidden or undiscovered knowledge vital to the enlightenment of humanity, Sarah continues to speak about her work worldwide. She earned her bachelor's in Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. After graduation she worked as a counselor in a halfway house for the mentally ill. Sarah now assists in teaching with Dolores Cannon’s daughter Julia all over the world. She has assisted in Egypt, Mt. Shasta, Peru, as well as Miami. Sarah has been practicing hypnosis and the "healing arts" for over 12 years.



Past Shows:

  • The Observer Effect / Hypnotherapy Revelations

    Scientist and author Robert Lanza discussed the science behind the observer effect. Followed by master hypnotist Sarah Breskman Cosme on hidden knowledge she's gleaned from hypnosis sessions.More »

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