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Jonathan M. Goldman, Principal Teacher at the Essential Light Institute, has been practicing acupuncture, energy medicine, and spiritual healing since 1976. His spiritual healership was awakened through his experiences in the mountains and jungles of Brazil. He was led to develop the multi-leveled energy medicine work of Transformational Energy Healing and the Chakra Map, a unique, accessible, and applicable way of viewing the Human Energy Vehicle (HEV). He is the author of Gift of The Body, which he describes as, “A textbook for the adventure school of your life.”

Jonathan has been leading self transformational workshops since 1994 and co-founded the Essential Light Institute in 2008. He is passionate about helping people experientially realize the reality and the potential of Universal Light for their healing, awakening, and work on earth. He does this through his commitment to his own ongoing healing and through walking his talk. He lives in Southern Oregon with his family, and from there continues his energy healing practice as well as traveling to many locations worldwide to lead healing and self-transformation workshops.



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