Mark A. Carpenter

Mark A. Carpenter


Mark A. Carpenter is an anthropologist, explorer, and author. He has worked on Mayan archaeological excavations on the Yucatan Peninsula, analyzing prehistoric Mexico. He also spent years living alongside various Native American tribes and Polynesians in North America and Hawaii, studying their ancient traditions. His expertise is human origin paradigms, and he is considered a rogue cultural scholar, accusing the scientific establishment of conspiracy to distort human history.


Past Shows:

  • Mysteries of the Pyramids / Crystals & Stones

    Anthropologist Mark A. Carpenter discussed his research on the Pyramids, uncovering corruption, secret cults, and prophecies. Followed by Robert Simmons on the spiritual qualities of minerals, crystals, and gemstones.More »
  • Ontology & Physics / Kennewick Man & Giants

    Physicist and philosopher Wolfgang Smith discussed his worldview, Einstein, and ontology. Followed by anthropologist Mark A. Carpenter on Kennewick Man and the evidence for giants.More »

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