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Ontology & Physics / Kennewick Man & Giants

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Wolfgang Smith is a mathematician, physicist, and philosopher whose Philos-Sophia Initiative promotes a worldview that integrates the fundamental discoveries of physics into the perennial wisdom of humankind. In the first half, he discussed what he considers the errors of Einstein and how scientific communities ignore higher levels of human existence beyond the physical realm. According to Smith, the main problem with Einstein's theories is that they do not comport with quantum mechanics. "Einsteinian physics was...a bridge too far. In other words, it doesn't really work," and some recent experiments did not verify his findings, he continued. Further, quantum phenomena have not been shown to be the building blocks of existence.

Smith also talked about ontology, the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of being, and how he sides with a Platonist ontology and view of physics. Past the corporeal level of existence (subject to time and space), there is an intermediary level that is only subjected to time, and at the highest, there is neither time nor space, he explained. The Platonist ontology is very similar to what you find in the Vedic (ancient Indian) tradition, he suggested. In the 1960s, Smith traveled to India to study with Hindu monks and yogis and became convinced that their practices were highly effective and profound.


Anthropologist Mark A. Carpenter studied the archaeology of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and lived with kahunas and Native tribes. In the latter half, he talked about evidence for giants, the significance of Kennewick Man, a 9000-year-old skeleton, and why he believes Smithsonian scientists concealed the truth about the find. While the Smithsonian claims the skeleton would have stood around 5 ft. 7 inches, Carpenter suggested that the original photos showed an enormous deformed skull, and the bones indicated that the man had six fingers on one hand (six-fingered beings were associated with the lore of the Nephilim-- he pointed out). Based on his observations of the photos, he speculated that the Kennewick Man may have been 7 to 8 ft. tall.

Carpenter also cited the 2008 discovery of a giant tooth found in a Denisovan cave in Siberia (thought to be more than 100,000 years old). The tooth is nearly twice the size of an average homo sapien molar and based on this, he estimates that the hominid stood somewhere between 10 to 12 ft. or even taller. This proves definitively that giants existed, he added. Carpenter theorized that Nephilim descendants or giants could still exist and may be involved in human abductions, like in the mysterious vanishings in US national parks. He also commented on anomalies in the Grand Canyon found by a Prof. Jordan, such as reported in the Arizona Gazette in 1909. The Smithsonian, he asserted, tried to cover this up, and denied that Jordan even existed.

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