Scott Marlowe

Scott Marlowe


Scott Marlowe has been working in the cryptids field for over 30 years collecting and analyzing accounts of strange animal encounters and legends about enigmatic creatures from his travels. In the summer of 2004, Scott approached the Florida Keys Community College with the curriculum for a cryptozoology class. His approach to the subject matter with scientific objectivity and emphasis on the science and not the cryptid animals themselves won the college's approval for the program. It would become the college's first internet delivered course and the first college-level cryptozoology program in the world.



Past Shows:

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  • Chupacabras & Florida Cryptids

    Cryptozoology instructor at Florida Keys Community College, Scott Marlowe and his special guests discussed various sightings of cryptids including the Florida Swamp Ape, the Chupacabras, and other unexplained or unusual creatures. First hour guest, lecturer and physicist...More »
  • Zombie Tales

    During Friday night's Open Lines, George offered a "zombie hotline" for people who believe they've encountered the walking dead. Halfway through the calls, Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission provided an update on Space Shuttle Discovery. In the second half-hour,...More »